The KPP (Kinetic Power Plant) is a breakthrough energy solution that will soon revolutionize the energy-production industry. Based on simple principles, it offers a steady baseline supply of energy, free from any emissions or toxic waste products. These kinetic power plants provide continuous power regardless of weather and wind conditions, and can thus be placed anywhere – wherever there is demand.

This technology is highly cost-effective, reducing energy costs to half of that of other renewable energy sources.

The plants are available in different size modules, starting from the smallest at 1 MW power generation and going up from there. KI-tech is an international sales agent for KPP, and offers services in support of the entire supply chain.

This short video shows the kinetic power plant and its internal mechanisms at work. The chain-driven half-cylinder floats connect to an air supply at the bottom of the water-filled tube. The electric generator is located at the top of the tube. The generator provides a braking action to the downward movement of the floats, converting the equalized energy into usable electric current



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