Kinetic Power Plants (KPP)


The Kinetic power plants will be a game-changer in the global energy market. It is a renewable, zero-emission technology and works independently of weather conditions (such as wind or sun). It offers a continuous,  steady baseline energy supply, with market-leading kWh-prices. The power plants are pneumatic systems where buoyancy (upthrust) converts kinetic energy via a gear system that drives a generator. Compressed air is injected into lifting bodies which rise in a tank filled with water. Micro-bubbles increase the downfall speed of the bodies (Cavitation). The generator then works as a brake to keep the speed of the lifting bodies under control, such that the system can self-loop (keep itself running) while also producing excess energy for baseline power production. The German company Rosch Innovations is the inventor of the KPP technology and the supplier of all industrial modules, from 200 kW up to 100 MW. KI-tech is a global sales representative of all modules, and will be involved in the whole process from the acquisition, construction and service of the modules. We also handle the sale of licenses.

Several independent sources and 3rd party testing labs have confirmed the power plants' function and energy production. A recently performed test report from a renowned certification company documents the KPPs production of constant, clean energy within the required standards for European energy suppliers. Test parameters include:  current, effective energy, voltage and current harmonics, active and apparent power. We invite interested parties to come to demonstration facilities. Rosch have had a 60 kW demo plant which has been running since fall 2015 and now Save the planet Asia holding can show a 100 kW. Please contact us to book a meeting or for more information.