Extreme Tower has developed Yogamid, a high-tech skyscraper especially designed for metropolitan harbor areas. The Yogamid was designed by architect Finn Sandmæl, and Dr.Olav Olsen. They have constructed the floating base in which the Yogamid will be placed. Dr. Olav Olsen are renowned for the construction of Norwegian oil platforms in the 1970s, revolutionary for that time. The Yogamid will rise 330 meters above sea level and entail more than 300 000 m2 rental area. It will integrate a 40 MW KPP, effectively making it a power supply station for both its residents and for the surrounding area.

Nordic Airport Solution (NAS) has decided to use the KPP technology for their newest airport project, in Vryheid, South Africa. The proposed airport master plan includes: a multipurpose air cargo terminal,refinery, repacking and distribution facilities; and an aircraft technical centre working in cooperation with aircraft producers. It is envisioned that this facility will initially become a feeder to the Dube TradePort. The project also includes an airport hotel and a lecturing centre.

Particular focus is paid to airport environmental issues, including the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and the use of alternative energy sources. The New Vryheid regional airport project will order a 25 MW power plant for the airport and the surrounding region. The project is approved by the Abaqulusi municipality and should be completed no later than end of 2017. You can read more about the project here.

An excerpt from Rosch´s presentation of the KPP - design and technical illustration. The technology is TÜV-certified: